Linode Android

Android version to manage your Linodes.

You can access, administer, and keep up with your Linode account from anywhere in the world.
This android version of the Linode Manager puts control of your Linodes and domains in your pocket.

With Linode Android you can reboot Linodes, edit configurations, display nearly all information about a Linode in a compact, easy-to-read format. It also allows you to edit domains and resource records with the full functionality of the Linode DNS Manager.

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Current: Version 0.9.0 โ€“ย Fev 10,2013
Release History

Linode Android Screenshots

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Install from Google Play

Android app on Google Play

Install with the QR Code

Linode Android was created by Jan Souza and it’s not affiliated with Linode, LLC.


38 thoughts on “Linode Android

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  2. Hey, great work as usual. I’m glad the chart finally work for my phone– except for 1 thing… Going to the landscape (horizontal) view while viewing the chart, the screen either goes blank or it force closes. I sent you a bug report after the force close.

    • ok this is weird. It worked now normally WITH landscape for some reason this time. However I still got a force close and also sometimes get a Session Error… Go figure!

      • Okay. The graph needs to be automatically refreshed every time, including orientation changes…

        Hitting “refresh” when the screen is blank makes it appear as normal. Regardless or orientation.

  3. Recently got myself a shiny VPS at Linode, was delighted to see the API and this app. One thing’s not working for me right now, though: user/pass auth. App just tells me “Authentication failed”, while I’m quite sure that I got the credentials right. Is there some known bug in the app, or might it be that the interface changed on the Linode side?

      • Apologies for taking so long to respond. I know about the API key, but the app tells me I need user/pass login for some things which is not entirely surprising. And yes, the user/pass works on the site – or at least I thought it did. I just noticed that the password field in the app has a maximum length of 16 characters, which is shorter than my password. As a result it wasn’t my password, but a truncated version of it that was sent to the server.

        Thanks for your time, and I hope you can lift this limit.

  4. great app, may i ask if it transmits any data unencrypted? the closed source nature of the app makes me hesitant to use it. but a great resource nevertheless ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m getting a linode VPS soon and having heard about this app I was pleased to see I wouldn’t have to put time into developing my own android linode manager, however I checked android market today (30/11/10, from the UK) and it’s not there even though apparently the last version was released just 9 days ago.

    Has the app been removed from android market in the last 9 days? is it limited to certain countries, excluding the UK, within android market? Or something else?

      • Thanks for looking into it however it still doesn’t show under android market UK for me.

        0 results for “linode”, 11 for “node”, none of which are this app. Checked from a HTC Wildfire (android 2.1)

  6. If you put a ‘donate’ button on this website I will absolutely donate money towards your continued work on this app. I am very appreciative!

  7. I’m having trouble logging in with the app. I’m using a linode API key that works fine when I directly access the Linode API. I’m getting the following error message: “Sorry, no donuts for you! Error: 1001 – CONNECTION_ERROR Message: Illegal character in query at index 31:” right after adding the account and touching it from the account list.

    Obviously, I have replaced the api_key here with an identical length random string. I believe the problem is a missing ‘/’ in the URL: “” should be “”

  8. Hi, is there any update on open sourcing the app? Recently installed the app and found that none of the graphs work because they’re trying to access the wrong URL. It would be great to be able to have an updated version that works nicer on tablets too.


      • Great news, thanks. Really looking forward to the update. Only recently started using Linode and your app is so handy. They should sponsor your work on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’ve installed this on my HTC, very nice. Again like some people I’d be happy to buy a version without ads. One thing is that I cannot get the graphs to display, it gives a connection error saying it cannot validate the certificate

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