SMS!Alert allow you to create custom alerts based on SMS messages, enter a incoming phone number and/or keyword filter, when someone sends a SMS with the keyword filter text or if incoming phone number matches, phone will display sound alert.

SMS!Alert also lets your phone act like an emergency pager, perfect for IT person, on-call doctor, professor or anyone carrying a pager, works great to make sure I don’t miss certain critical messages, like a urgent SMS message from your Boss or your pregnant wife.

Enjoy! 😉

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9 thoughts on “SMS!Alert

  1. This app has not sounded the last months. Changed the sound from Alarm1 to Alarm2 and I think it works now but have not tested yet. This is an app you can’t trust.
    No update since june or july 2012. Guess this app is dead?
    LG G2 original 4.2.2 android.
    BR /bf

  2. Jan: I want to is the my own custom Alerts – ur program seems to come with “alarm 1”, “alarm 2” etc. How to I use my own custom alarms that I downloaded into my android phone?

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