WebSphere Console Admin for Android

Now you can access, administer, and keep up with your WebSphere Application Server from anywhere in the world.

This Android version of the WebSphere Application Server puts control of your Applicaitons in your pocket.

Main features:

  • Application Server
    • Application Server Informations (Java Heap Size, Applications Ports,Enterprise Application Installed, etc)
    • Stop/Start Application Servers
    • Java Heap and Thread dumps.
  • Enterprise Application
    • Enterprise Application Informations
    • Stop/Start Enterprise Applications
    •  Export ear file
  • Deployment Manager
    • Stop action of DMGR
  • Nodes
    • Nodes Informations
    • Synchronized with Master Repository
  • Node Agents
    • Node Agent Informations
    • Stop/Start of Node Agent

  • Current Version 0.3.0 – May 26,2012

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Install from Google Play Now!

WebSphere is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.


One thought on “WASDroid

  1. Please provide some help/instructions. It’s not clear what values need to be put into the settings, nor what values should be put into the account. Are there differences if connecting to a DMgr vs a Standalone server?

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